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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

IAFA welcomes every aviation student anywhere in the world to apply. IAFA’s eligibility criteria is independent of one’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age.

IAFA is currently recruiting volunteers to support several major functions in the organization. If you’re an aviator and believe that your skills & expertise can contribute to the team’s success, follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out the application with as much details as possible.
  2. Receive a confirmation email with a date & time for your virtual interview.
  3. Our recruitment team will review your application, CV, & interview & if your skill set meets our needs we will contact you via email to finalize everything.
  4. Attend the orientation, sign the volunteer agreement, receive your personal organizational email, & Congratulations on making the team!

IAFA is dedicated to providing growth opportunities for aviation students worldwide. For that cause, we will keep our application page live for everyone who is interested giving back to the industry and becoming part of our team.

We are currently looking for fill roles in the following departments:

  • Administrative officer:
      • Responsible for providing administrative support to the board of directors. Roles may vary.
  • Graphics Design Officer:
      • Responsible for producing graphics & illustrations for marketing, website, & other corporate assets.
  • Marketing Officer:
      • Responsible for managing social media accounts, posting marketing content, & managing advertisements.
  • Events Officer:
      • Responsible for planning, organizing, and executing events.

Please note that we are constantly recruiting talented aviators from around the world. If you believe you have a skill that can add value to IAFA other than the positions above, please don’t hesitate to apply & let us know!

Yes ! All of our activities are online. Therefore, its important to have a computer & access to internet to be able to perform your tasks.

Although our minimum volunteer hours is 2 hrs/week or 8 hours/month, we ask all volunteers to file how much time they have invested in IAFA tasks weekly. Their hours will added to their account & will accumulate over time. Their total number of hours will be shown on their certificates of appreciation, & each month, an IAFA Award goes to the one who accumulated the highest number of hours.

Since we are all students we understand that there are times where we need to focus on our studies & commitments. Therefore you will be exempt from fullfilling this minimum by notifying your supervisor ahead of time.

Absolutely ! First, volunteers start off as an officer. As they accumulate volunteer hours & achieve goals & objectives, they will be eligible for a promotion to become a supervisor & lead their own team.

Dedicated supervisors who look promising may be reviewed by the Board of Directors & may be granted the position of ” Director ” after a majority vote.  Once you become a “Director”, you will be to make organization wide decisions and vote in the Board of Director’s Meeting.

  • All of our volunteers receive a FREE IAFA Student Membership along with all it’s privileges and benefits.
  • Volunteering with IAFA grants you more exclusive privileges which are included down below.

Volunteering Benefits

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

as volunteers will be working alongside members of the Industry Advisor’s Committee and other companies around the world.

Free Access to All Courses

whether paid or free. All are accessible during your tenure as an IAFA Volunteer.

Access to Write Blogs

which helps in personal branding and putting your name on the internet & google’s search engine.

Free Bussiness Card

to use while networking to leave a strong professional impression about yourself.

Career & Personal Mentorship

to help guide you through your academic & professional journey.

Personal Branding Opportunities

such as IAFA AWARDS, letters of recommendation, & LinkedIn endorsements to help you market yourself &  secure your dream job

Volunteer Application: