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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

IAFA offers two types of memberships, Student Membership & Industry Advisor Membership.

IAFA’s Industry Advisor Membership is a FREE membership tailored for experienced industry professionals & university faculty members who are passionate about aviation and are looking to give back to the community & empower the next generations of aviation professionals around the world.

If you are any of the following then you are eligible to apply.

  • An industry professional working at an airline, airport, air navigation services provider, civil aviation authority, or any major industry stakeholder, with more than 7 years of industry experience.
  • A university faculty member teaching core aviation courses in an aviation department or program.
  • An experienced airline pilot with over 7 years of experience in their field.
  • An industry consultant with over 7 years of experience in aviation consulting.
  • Attend meetings of the Industry Advisors Committee which are conducted once a month only.
  • Act as an advisor for IAFA’s Board of Directors & Team by providing them with mentorship, advice, & appropriate strategies to ensure their success.
  • Upon your discretion & availability, provide mentorship & advice to student members who are passionate about your field of work & look up to you as a source of inspiration.

Because we value your time & support as an advisor, we will be providing you with a dedicated IAFA email & Google G suite Account to make things easier & more organised.

Student members will then reach out to you via Email, or Google Hangouts. Upon your discretion, you may respond to them in text or if you prefer, you may schedule with them a Google Meets meeting which is included in your G suite package for free.


Please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Industry advisor Benefits

Expand your Network

& make more connections with students & other professionals and academics in the committee.

Give Back to the Community

of like-minded aviation oriented individuals.

Access to Write Blogs

which helps in personal branding and putting your name on the internet & google’s search engine.

Industry Advisor Package

which includes a free G Suite Account, Industry Advisor Certificate, & a dedicated posting on our website.

Empower, Inspire, & Enable

The future generations of aviation professionals.

Shape the Industry of Tomorrow

& leave a long lasting footprint & legacy.

Industry advisor Application: